Insights for Market Entry

Systems Thinking

Solving Business Problems with Donella Meadows’ Leverage Points

Donella Meadows' 12 leverage points help solve system problems by targeting key areas for impactful changes. For example, improving overseas distributor performance through adjustments in sales targets, communication, and partnerships.
How Americans Think

Understanding the USA

Understand why Americans buy your product, not just what you're selling. Use the Jobs to be Done framework to identify customer motivations, address anxieties, and tailor your marketing for US success.
Production Adoption

Behavioural Science Adoption

Behavioral science helps understand why customers buy or don't. Use simplification, immediate value, social proof, and incentives to increase product adoption.
AI Tips

ChatGPT for Sales Creation

If you're looking for a little help in getting the best out of ChatGPT or Google Gemini, use these prompts.
Customer Behaviour

Interviewing Customers for Boost Sales

Customer interviews are crucial for sales success. They validate customer interest, motivations, and refine your sales strategy. Here's why and how to conduct them effectively.

How should I price my product?

Understanding customer WTP is both an art and a science. Using these techniques can provide a more accurate picture of how much your customers are willing to pay, helping you set a price that maximises both sales and customer satisfaction.

Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Understanding customer WTP is essential for effective pricing. Use methods like benchmarking, specific pricing questions, purchase probability, and scientific approaches to set competitive prices and maximize sales and customer satisfaction.