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The Market Entry Method

Our Three Steps

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We do three things

Expand Your Sales into North America.

We help you connect with potential customers through targeted outreach and personalised communication, ensuring your sales pitches capture interest and drive engagement.

Find and Interview Your Customers

We identify and understand your target customers, using proven methods to validate your market potential and ensure your sales approach is effective from day one.

Scale Sales Processes.

After determining the best sales strategy for your product, we use advanced AI tools and software to streamline and scale your sales process efficiently.

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Proven Process

The Way we Work

Find your market

Identify the best market opportunities tailored to your business. Our methods are used by global research teams.

Interview customers

We go beyond desktop research. We interview your future customers to understand how they think so we can sell effectively.

Build a sales strategy

We develop a targeted sales strategy to reach and convert your customers.

Execute the strategy

We go well beyond expert advice. We are experts at sales and sales channels creation. We will sell directly, recruit resellers, reputation partners and sales channels.

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How-to's and Guides


Market Entry

How to Interview Your Customers

Master Customer Interviews: Learn the do's and don'ts of effective customer interviewing.  [Read].

What Don't We Know?

Validate Your Market: Discover the four essential questions to ask when taking a product to market. [Read].

Get Your Pricing Right

Optimize Your Pricing: Understand the basics of pricing research and get practical tips for setting the right prices. [Read].

Why Choose Market Leap?

Your Go-to-Market Partner

Faster to market

Accelerate Your Market Entry: Use data-driven insights and customer interviews to reduce guesswork and speed up your time to market.

Sales creation

Sustainable Growth: Decrease time-to-cash and grow your business sustainably in new markets.


Cost-Effective Strategies: Leverage our experience to avoid common pitfalls and ensure a successful market entry.

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Industries We Know


Manufacturing / Engineering

We create the necessary retailer and reseller relationships needed to scale your sales. We focus on create demand at the point of sale, stimulating distributor demand and onto NZ manufacturing demand.

Medical Technologies

We understand technical propositions and human body systems. We have experience engaging overseas hospitals, research facilities and insurance providers.

Applied Technologies

Applied technlogies focus on developing and implementing advanced technological solutions across various industries. This could be AgTech, IoT implementation and industrial processing / clean technologies