We create sales in new markets .

We build your sales engine for you

Attract the right customers

We identify markets and customers most likely to buy from you. We then interview your future customers to understand how to sell to them. Your success starts here.  

Educate customers and activate resellers

Once we know what motivates your customers we get to work with you to create sales. This means strategic sales and marketing shaped by real insights.

Create reseller and distribution partnerships

New products need to be proven to customers. We're experts in adoption and customer pull-through: we create demand where your customers buys.

How can MarketLeap

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Get to market faster

We first understand how your customers think so we can sell effectively - we take out the guess work.

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We're about sales creation

We decrease the time-to-cash so businesses can grow sustainably in new markets.

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Reduce the risk with safe hands

We've done this before. We know what to avoid and ignore, and is essential to success.


Our three-steps to working together

1. Customer / Buyer Research

We will interview your future customers to know what makes them tick. We will also interview those that will influence the success of your product like distributors, retailers and partners.

2. Customer Acquisition Strategy

Based on the research, we will create a strategy to sell into your market over the next 90-days. We will use the insights on your customers behaviour, de-risk entry and increase the speed to market.

3. Kickstart sales and marketing

By using the right sales and marketing tools we will kickstart sales for you in the new market. This includes not only digital tools, but direct sales to future customers and into sales channels. We do what we need to sell effectively.